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Grand Bank

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Mariner's Memorial

There are two main elements to the Mariners' Memorial: a life-size female figure and a water and beach rocks “shoreline” containing the names of the mariners who were lost at sea. The woman represents and exemplifies the virtues and strength of character of thousands of Newfoundland wives, mothers, daughters, and sisters who had to endure the loss of their men. She is standing alone on the widow's walk staring in the distance. Her body is full of tension, anticipation and premonition of tragedy. Like a witherered tree she remains there eternally expecting those who will never return. 

The second element is an arching shoreline that forms a circle around the figure. The water flows slowly from the higher to the lower elevation in a narrow and shallow pool covered with beach rocks. Sitting on top of the rocks and scattered throughout the pool about two inches below the water level are the stainless steel plaques, each bearing the name of a lost mariner.

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