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Grand Bank

The Town of

A rich & proud history with a promising future!

Harris House


1879 - George C. Harris born in Grand Bank

1881 - Samuel Harris takes the first Grand Bank schooner, the George C. Harris, to the Grand
Banks fishery.

1886 - Samuel Harris Ltd. formed

1908 - Samuel Harris builds house for son George C. and Charlotte

1914 - George C. Harris becomes managing director of Samuel Harris Ltd.

1922 - Samuel Harris Ltd. in receivership and declares bankruptcy

1930 - Waterfront fire damages facade of George C. Harris House

1954 - Deaths of George C. and Charlotte Harris

1955 - Fresh plant opens; owner Hazen Russell purchases Harris property
for use as a staff house.

1974 - Lake Group purchases fish plant and Harris property

1984 - Ownership of plant and property transferred to Fishery Products International

1986 - Formation of Grand Bank Heritage Society

1992 - Fishery Products International closes Grand Bank operation; ownership of the Harris property is transferred to the Town

1993 – The House is leased by the Grand Bank Heritage Society for use as a museum. Beginning of the restoration process. Designation of the George C. Harris House as a registered Heritage Structure by the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador

1994 - Grand Bank Heritage Society presented with the Manning Award for excellence in the Public Presentation of Historic Places by the Newfoundland Historic Parks Association for restoration work on the George C. Harris House

1996 - Southcott Award

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