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Grand Bank

The Town of

A rich & proud history with a promising future!



“Lost at Sea…”

Originally the Yugoslav Pavilion at Expo’67 in Montreal, the building was moved to Grand Bank and reopened as a memorial in September 1971. The museum (resembling the sails of a schooner) houses hundreds of artifacts such as ship models, photographs and documents; all of which depict Grand Bank’s rich fishing history. As you walk inside, take note of the Grandy Dory and ask the curator how such a small boat achieved such greatness. Ask about its design and learn why it is different from other Dorys.

Displayed on the exterior of the building is Atlantic Canada’s largest mural. Painted to reflect Newfoundland's rich history, this mural provides a picturesque glimpse of what they are about to discover.

For more information contact:
Tel:(709) 832-1484
Fax:(709) 832 2053

Seasonal Operation: April through October

Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday, 9 am - 4:45 pm
Sundays and July 1st, 12 - 4:45 pm

$2.50 Adult
$2.00 Group Rate  

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