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Grand Bank

The Town of

A rich & proud history with a promising future!


Town Services


Ambulance Service 

"Providing the Best Pre-hospital Health Care Possible"!

The Grand Bank / Fortune Ambulance Service prides itself on delivering the most professional and reliable pre-hospital health care to the residents in which we serve. We are responsible for providing ambulance services to communities along the tip of the Burin Peninsula in the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador from Point May to Garnish & all points in between. Our ambulance service employs three full time Primary Care Paramedics (PCP) who are currently registered with the provincially mandated Provincial Medical Oversight (PMO) program which began on January 04, 2010. We also employ four part time Emergency Medical Responders (EMR) who are also registered with the PMO program and an administrative clerk who works at the Fortune Town office. Our PCP's are trained to offer advanced procedures such as Intravenous Therapy, delivery of Symptom Relief medications and Cardiac Interputation. We operate two Ford E-350 Type II high-rise ambulances which are ready to respond to any type of traumatic or medical emergency. Our ambulances are currently located at the new Grand Bank Medical Center and dispatching is done by the emergency staff at the medical center. If you require pre-hospital health care within our service area, please call 832-2500 and press 1 when prompted.


Grand Bank Fire Department

The Grand Bank Volunteer Fire Department is comprised of 25 firefighters, who are divided into four working teams of six. Under the direction of the Fire Chief, the fire department is responsible for the protection of persons and property within the Town’s municipal planning area. The fire department has two pumpers, a rescue unit that carries (among other equipment) basic hand tools used for extrication purposes and an antique 1941 Fargo. Grand Bank has firefighters who are trained from the basic two-day firefighting course to those who meet the NFPA 1001 – Firefighter 2 certification.

The Grand Bank Volunteer Fire Department is located at 19 Riverside West – if you should be visiting the Town of Grand Bank, feel free to drop by and visit us. For more information, visit our web site at


Law Enforcement


The Town of Grand Bank is considered to be a quiet community with a very low crime rate.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) detachment of Grand Bank is now an office for RCMP member patrolling the Grand Bank-Fortune area. The RCMP building is located on Circular Place in Grand Bank. This detachment monitors the jurisdiction from the intersection of Route 210 at Frenchman's Cove to Lord's Cove and all communities in between area. The building has facilities to accommodate inmates.

The Detachment is equipped with: 

Helicopter Service - Available upon request
RCMP Dog - Available upon request
Drug - Special Division
Federal Enforcement Section (Burin)
Search and Rescue (Available upon request)
Customs Section (Burin)


Garbage Disposal Services


The Burin Peninsula Regional Service Board provides weekly pick up of residential garbage only with bulk collection once a month. For more information please call 709 891 1717 or visit

municipal services.png

Municipal Services


An elected council consisting of a mayor and six councilors governs Grand Bank, with elections held every four years. Council designates committees to regulate municipal services. The provincial electoral district is Grand Bank; the federal electoral district is Burin-St. George’s.

Churence Rogers - MP

Power Services


Newfoundland Power is an investor-owned electric utility company serving 85% of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, including the town of Grand Bank. Electricity is supplied to Grand Bank from a substation located at Greenhill in Grand Bank. The Burin Peninsula is supplied by two 138 Kv transmission lines from Sunnyside. Grand Bank has two suppliers - one through the western and one through the eastern side of the peninsula. In addition, located at Salt Pond is a 13-mega watt unit that provides emergency back-up electricity to Grand Bank.

Tied into the provincial grid system receiving power from the Bay D'Espoir Hydro Plant, the Grand Bank substation receives power at 66,000 volts for distribution to the surrounding area and eventually to homes and businesses. Electricity on the island portion of the province is supplied by both Hydro and thermal generation and delivered to customers through an efficient generator and distribution network. Approximately 60 percent of the residents of Grand Bank use electricity as their primary source of home heating. Other forms of heating are oil, peat, and wood, with a number of people using wood stoves as an ultimate source of heat. Grand Bank also has a 25-mega watt gas turbine generator for emergencies.


Infrastructure and Other Services


Grand Bank has in place the basic infrastructure and facilities to accommodate further growth in its population. Town planning has kept pace with current demands and future needs in providing its residents with the services and utilities necessary for growth. The environment has become a very important element in today's society and recycling is one major way of protecting it. Residents of the community are working hard to make Grand Bank a clean town to live. The town is compact and contained basically within a square mile radius. Practically all facilities are within walking distance.





  • Sobey's

  • Riff's

  • Aylward's Furniture

  • Boot Computers / Sears

  • Downtown Shopping Area - Water Street and Church Street



  • Construction equipment sales and services

  • Freight distribution

  • Grocery Stores

  • Heating and plumbing sales and services

  • Beverage distributors

  • Food wholesaler

  • Beer and Ale Distributors

  • Taxi Service

  • Landscaping and general contracting companies

  • Automotive Repair Shops

  • Moving and Storage Companies

  • Marine Electronics Service


Sharon’s Nook & Tea Room

12 Water Street



George C. Harris Craft Store (Seasonal)

16 Water Street



Sow & Sew

Floral and Fabric

9 Church Street





Scotia Bank
15 Water Street Grand Bank
A0E 1W0



Grand Bank Memorial Library


Provincial Court

Supreme Court



  • Red Cross Society

  • Canadian Cancer Society

  • Grand For-Line Assoc. for Community Living

  • Grand Bank/Fortune Ambulance Service



  • Sea Cadets

  • Boy Scouts

  • Girl Guides

  • Cubs

  • Brownies

  • Beavers

  • Sparkers

  • Youth Groups

  • Library Board

  • Heritage Society

  • Development Corporation

  • Volunteer Fire Department

  • Tenant's Association

  • Tourism Committee



  • Sea Cat Dive Club

  • Floor Hockey and Ice Hockey

  • Soccer

  • Softball

  • Minor Hockey Association


  • Private Piano Lessons

  • Theater Festival - Lighthouse Productions
  • High School Drama Club

  • Peninsula Dance Studio (Rhonda Scott)



  • Grand Bank Development Corporation

  • Burin Peninsula Community Development Corporation



  • Laundromat

  • Computer Repair Service

  • Harbour Authority

  • Television/Radio Repair

  • Accounting and Income Tax Service

  • Hairstyling Service

  • Steel Manufacturing and Repairs

  • Electronic Technical Service 

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